The Beauty of other Cultures

Across the world the idea of beauty is very different. When speaking about beauty we must remember that what we find attractive may not be appealing to the next person. The view of beauty varies throughout different cultures; what we see as strange or ugly may be the exact opposite in what they see.

In a tribe near Thailand called the Kayan tribe the women wear brass rings around their necks to elongate their necks. The longer the neck the more beautiful the woman is seen as, they can start the process of wearing these rings as early as five years old. The rings push the shoulders down, which make the neck stretch. In southern Ethiopia there is a tribe called Karo who believe in scarification. This process begins at a young age up until adulthood.  Women are scared on their skin so that by the time they are finished they are ready to be married and have children.

Some might see these traditions as self-mutilation rather than the beautification of these women, and that is all perspective. However, this has been a major part of these tribe’s traditions. This is engrained in the very fabric of their culture. For some of these cultures putting on foundation and mascara is not the ultimate level of beauty. Yet, it is something that takes almost a lifetime to achieve.

This is not saying that other cultures idea of beauty is any less than beautiful then the ones listed above. There is just simply not enough space to reach all of the incredible beauty that makes up our world. The main thing we should focus on is that beauty is all around us even in the strangest things. I find beauty in the calm after a rain, in the smile on my children’s face when they are trying to convince me to give them a piece of candy; I enjoy the beauty of a good laugh, the kind that is uninhibited and full of honest joy. Find beauty and embrace it.



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