Self- Worth and Distorted personal images

In today’s society it seems to me that a lot of people have a lack of self-worth. What is self-worth you ask? The definition is quite simple actually. Self-Worth is the sense of one’s own value or worth as a person; self-esteem; self-respect. Is the lack of self-worth the underlying issue in the way we view ourselves in society? Is this the reason why the media can simply tell us what is fashionable or what is beautiful?

We see in magazines all the time headlines like “The must have clothing items for spring” or we could see something like a “How-to” page telling you that within a month you can look like this. We all have seen the section in a magazine that displays different celebrities with different hair colors and haircuts; and of course one has to be crowned winner for that year. Then the next thing you know your friends are all wearing pastels and stripes in winter and are sporting the same haircut. How is listening to what is in a magazine seen as the thing we must follow is beyond me. We all want to be somewhat fashionable. At least in the sense of looking put together and presentable. However, have we forgotten that we should set the trends and not just follow them?

Over the last year or so I have seen countless post on social media with women calling themselves boss b***he’s or the ever popular term bad b***he’s. Is this really what some see themselves as? Why is it that I am seeing constant posts from women who are well over twenty one calling themselves this? Why do I not see more women calling themselves powerful or strong-minded instead? Is this really what some women think is the epitome of what womanhood should be? Instead of the latter why can’t these women see themselves simply as someone with “boss” mentality? This means that they make executive decisions and can be a strong leader in the work place as well as in their personal lives. Why must we degrade our goals or ferocity to match that of a female dog? Do these women not know that they can aspire to be so much more? We see women dating men who treat them like filth and instead of standing up for themselves and getting out of a bad situation; will stay for fear of being alone or that no one will want them. When did it become the norm for anyone male or female to not think that someone is out there for them that will compliment who they are as an individual? Instead it has become a contest to just simply be with someone even if that person is not good for them. These women or men doubt their value (self-worth) and settle for whatever, instead of building themselves towards their greater potential.

What needs to happen is that we all need to love ourselves more and disregard all the negativity that is sent our way. I saw a really inspired quote the other day on “Pinterest” that I will leave you all with. It reads. “You have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens- Louise Hay”.


1 thought on “Self- Worth and Distorted personal images

  1. Well Done Friend! The topics you touch on are very relevant things we have to ask ourselves. Then we can also understand that the messages in the media are crafted the way they are, and are trickled down into every aspect in our lives, to totally De-habilitate us. We must fight back by developing our own truth, and the real truth of this world. 🙂

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