When we were younger we couldn’t wait to be older. Now as we become older we fight to stay younger. When did we become so focused on finding the fountain of youth? Cosmetic companies have made products that are geared toward older women, their products claim to have anti-aging properties and wrinkle reducers. Women are fighting to keep the appearance of youth, all the while losing a part of themselves.

Cosmetic surgery has no doubt made a huge impact on the medical world. Many people have either received the surgery or admit to wanting some type of cosmetic surgery. Leading that trend is Botox which is used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and gently lift fine lines in order for your face to appear more youthful. In fact, Botox has been the leading non-surgical cosmetic procedure over the past 15 years. The procedure is done by injecting botulinum toxin into “troubled” areas on the face. The fight against aging does not stop there.  Women around the world go for procedures that lift, tuck, increase and smooth out all the little potholes that life has given them.

 The trouble is some of these people who use these procedures are in the public eye. Many assume that these people were born this way, while on the other side the women (and men) in the public eye feel somewhat pressured to appear a certain way to the public.  This is so that they can keep their popularity in order to remain relevant in the ever anti-aging world. You often see scenarios in sitcoms or in movies in which they show a once popular starlet who is now older than what she was when she started.  They often portray this character as bitter because she is forced to play the new younger actresses mother and this makes her feel unwanted and no longer appealing. Is this Hollywood’s way of crying out to us? Telling the audience that they also feel the pressure to stay young from us; the same way we feel pressured to appear younger because of them. Is it just an ongoing cycle in which we have forgotten to get off the ride?

Where have the days gone where people believed “with age comes wisdom?”  Since everyone is trying to freeze themselves in time, will we ever reach that unattainable wisdom that is exclusively for the aged? Now do not get me wrong I do not have anything against plastic surgery or non-surgical cosmetic procedures. I think what it all comes to down to is the fear of death. We truly do not know what is waiting on the other side for us.  I believe that scares a lot of people, which makes them want to fight the aging process because of fear of the unknown. I also believe that the media has made getting old something of a taboo, something to be feared and I don’t think that’s fair. Growing older isn’t the end of the world; it’s just the beginning of a new one. Age gracefully and enter beauty.


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