Big Is Beautiful (Women)

We are living during a time when one size is supposed to fit all, where did being different go? Why does everyone seem eager to look like the person next to them? Yes we do have prevalent issues when it comes to obesity in this country. However, why these people are labeled lazy and casted aside like they carry some strange disease is beyond me. It seems that we have forgotten one major thing about people who have these weight issues; we have forgotten that they are our neighbors, our friends and sometimes even our family. Because their waistline is bigger does not make them any less beautiful. We are so fast to judge and speak ill of them without once thinking about what they might be going through in order to  uphold our personal view of what beauty is.

You go to a store you begin to look for your size and you are told they do not carry “Plus-size” clothes, they go on to explain that in order for you to purchase their merchandise you must visit their website and buy clothes that way. If that isn’t a huge slap in the face then I don’t know what is. Countless stores have made this their way of dealing with their larger customers. To me this is deplorable, for a company to say that they will only cater to you as long as you do not step foot into their store really stinks. How do you think those women (Or Men) feel?  As a woman who is considered “Plus sized” I find this sickening. Not only will I be paying for fewer selections, I will also have to pay shipping plus tax and if the items I choose are too big or too small I have to pay to ship them back as well. Now how is that fair as a paying customer? What if this method was turned completely around and geared toward smaller than average women (or Men) how would that be viewed by society? Would they be ok with being banished to their computer screens and forced to virtually select their wardrobe?

In 2010 Lane Bryant aired a lingerie commercial that sent the media into a frenzy. Two major networks pulled the advertisement initially. They stated “We can’t run an ad like that during the 8 p.m. hour, because that’s family time”. (I will let you all be the judge of that yourself, there is a link provided for the said ad) Meanwhile the shows that the ad would have run alongside were shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and “American Idol” in which in some cases there is mild adult language displayed, as well as scantily clad women (and Men) shaking their groove things. Let’s not forget that commercial lingerie ads such as “Victoria Secret” run at the same time of night that was deemed unacceptable for “Lane Bryant”. (I provided a link of a VS commercial from around the same time the LB commercial was pulled)  Were the television networks blowing smoke up the public’s rear ends just to justify their hatred toward the average woman’s size in America and what they represent?

I truly hope there comes a time in which women and men everywhere can judge people solely on their behavior and actions, rather than their pants size or the label that is on them. Now I am not saying banish fashion and buy rags. However, remember when you pull those clothes off at the end of the day; you are naked and left with your body and yourself. Love what you have and cherish it. Even if you are not physically where you might like to be find the greatness within you and start with that. Let your beauty shine within you and decide for yourself whether or not your body is fine by you.


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