Is your beauty under attack? (Men)

Men, they are often viewed as strong, independent and sometimes fearless beings. We hear daily about issues with the way women are viewed by society, but somehow we never breach the topic on the way men view themselves. Do we honestly as a society think that men don’t feel the same things that a lot of women feel? Some women complain that they aren’t thin enough or they say that they want a new wardrobe in order to appear more fashionable. However why do we think that men don’t have these doubts as well?

You flip through a magazine and the first man you see in ad or a feature piece is a perfectly sculpted, well put together male, some might even say that the man is gorgeous. He might have washboard abs that are covered in impossibly fashionable clothes. He is surrounded by beautiful women who seem to be throwing themselves at him. When men look at these ads do they not see something to strive towards? Is it possible that we have forgotten that men can feel pressured by images that they see every day as well? We often see women standing up for themselves when they feel wronged by the images that are supposed to represent who they are. Why is it that men seemingly say nothing? Are they truly the “strong silent type”?

You have companies that show muscled men selling a supplement that is supposed to give the buyer the look of the man on the screen. When in actuality the men who stars in the commercial may have worked really hard to achieve that body. Some men might work out for years and while being physically fit they still might not look like the man on the screen before them. Basically what I am trying to convey is that our sensitivity to one sex might be blinding us to the fact that our counterparts are being left to fend for themselves when it comes to their appearance. We neglect to remember that plastic surgeons and modeling agencies look for these men to fill an audience. They are told the same things that women are. You are not right. We must fix you. You have to look like this and not like that in order to be beautiful. While being healthy is great. Have we sacrificed our souls to meet an image that is drawn up by a collective few? Why can’t we all be different shapes and still be beautiful.  

I believe that men do not ignore these images.  Maybe they can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps there isn’t an outlet for them to voice their opinion. I say it is time that they stood up for themselves and take back their own identities. We often hear startling facts on the pressures women face in order to obtain societies views of what is beautiful, where is the voice for the men?  If nothing is perfect then why do we fall prey to the makeshift images that appear before us? Men, it is time you rise up from the ashes and take back your image. Demand diversity in those Calvin Klein ads! Scream at the perfume ads that have Fabio riding a horse to get to the girl to hand her a bottle of her favorite perfume (Because let’s face it unless you own a horse, you’re most likely going to awkwardly watch her open the box and go yippee ) You are the real men, demand that it is shown as such. Embrace who you are, and enter beauty.


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